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It's rebuilding on ruby 2.4 & rails 5

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My name: Luong Walker

Senior Full Stack Engineering Ruby on Rails



  • ★★★★★ Be Professional!
  • ★★★★★ Be Passionate!
  • ★★★★★ Be Responsive!
  • ★★★★★ Strong OOP Programming!
  • ★★★★★ Cooperate & Friendly!

I am proficient in:

  • ✓ Ruby on rails (3.x, 4.x, 5.x), various gems, running on Mac OSX 10.10 (RVM ruby 1.9.x & 2.x)
  • ✓ Test: TDD, unit test, Rspec, Cucumber
  • ✓ Test client: jasmine, mocha, Protractor (for angularjs)
  • ✓ HTML5 & CSS3, Validity, Canvas, Twitter bootstrap 2 & 3 (responsive design)
  • ✓ Javascript: Angularjs, emberjs, jQuery, jQueryUI, Ajax, Nodejs, coffeescript, reactjs
  • ✓ Database: Redis, PostgreSQL, MonggoDB, MySQL, MS SQL Server (Database replication, build complex data structure)
  • ✓ Server: Heroku, Amazon EC2, Hostgator, godaddy
  • ✓ Server code: SVN, Git, Github, Assembla, bitbucket
  • ✓ Manager Project: Assembla, trello, bitbucket, pivotal tracker
  • ✓ Purchase: ideal, paypal, stripe
  • ✓ SMS Service API: twilio
  • ✓ Amazon Services: S3, Ec2 server, load balancing, SSL, RDS Database, Elastic Caching, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Alexa

I start working as real developer at 2005 after I have graduate from University, working hard and responsible in work. Alway improve myself, study new technologies to find the best solution. Every app had made from clean, modular, robust and reusable code.

I spent 4 years developed Web app and Desk app using Portal CMS, HTML, XML, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL, MS SQL SERVER, Windows Services Including Writing technical, design and analyst system, design layout, design database and programming.

In 2009, I have developed web app using Ruby on rails on Mac OS X and I was join in the iOS and android OS app and game development team. I spent three years for that. We are using xcode, textmate also vim for editor and we have made some awesome games and apps together. We have used OpenGL-ES, OpenAL with lib rebuild from coco2sd engine for programming game.

In my past, I have code with almost all languages (C, C++..), develop a lots of project from small to very big, use a small database like sqlite to postgres and then mongodb, and a ton of other libraries in different programming languages.

I love to study new technology and I am pretty good in it, to improve myself. To understand limitation of mine, I do like challenges.

But As much as you can know, I realize what we have understand just like a drop in the ocean. All your experiences throught the projects and your knowledge from studied including your experience of life will help you open a easier way go to success for any project.

I have passion in programming.

Thank you for visiting my blog!